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Microgreen - Growing Fodder With DIY Hydroponics System

Buying food supplements for your livestock may become necessary, and often expensive, if you have a large farm or if you raise many animals at home. You might face a scarcity of naturally growing grasses or silage at your pastures where you graze your cattle or sheep, and might need to feed your animals extra food supplements high in nutrient value, in addition to what they eat at the fields. Especially during spring, the weather condition can be too harsh for natural grasses to grow. It is impo

Fourth Annual Celebrate Sustainability:September 29

The Institute of Ecolonomics (IOE) and Mountain Sky Group (MSG) announce the Fourth Annual Celebrate Sustainability Event to be held again on Saturday, September 29, 2012, at Mountain Sky Ranch, near Carter Lake. This one day free event will feature live music with Davey and the Blu Dog (YEAH!), discussions, displays, activities and entertainment related to sustainable living and agriculture. This year we will have more vendors and even FOOD for sale!

Mountain Sky Ranch which is a

Our New TV Stars

The 106th year of the National Western Stockshow is happening right now in Denver. This yearly event is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) livestock shows in the country. Everything type of livestock imaginable is on display, and over 600,000 people attend the event every year. This is the 4th year that alpacas have been at the stockshow, and yesterday morning our very own Mountain Sky Alpacas visited the 9News Studios to talk about this unique species of livestock! Check out the link belo

Fight Expensive Feed Costs with Aquaponic Fodder

Are you spending as much as twice as much as you did last year to feed your livestock? Are you struggling even to find good hay for your livestock? Have you even had to sell some of your animals because feed is so expensive and hard to find?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes you need to read further. We may have a solution for you – aquaponic fodder! OK, what is that? Aquaponic fodder is young green grass that has been grown from grain or grass seeds in 6-10 days in

Mountain Sky Is Getting Used to Our New Alpacas

As 2012 begins here are the Ranch, we are finally getting used to having 170 incredible breeding alpacas here for our enjoyment and your possible ownership. As we move into winter, we are building two new pastures for all the new girls and guys here on the Ranch.

Mike Harnett founded Heart’s Desire Farm back in the 1990's and was able to put together an incredible herd of more than 400 animals, before he suddenly died earlier this year. Rick and Nancy at Gentle Spirit Alpaca Farm ha


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