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Mountain Sky Is Getting Used to Our New Alpacas

As 2012 begins here are the Ranch, we are finally getting used to having 170 incredible breeding alpacas here for our enjoyment and your possible ownership. As we move into winter, we are building two new pastures for all the new girls and guys here on the Ranch.

Mike Harnett founded Heart’s Desire Farm back in the 1990's and was able to put together an incredible herd of more than 400 animals, before he suddenly died earlier this year. Rick and Nancy at Gentle Spirit Alpaca Farm had been good friends of Mike and his partner Elizabeth Tricase. When Mike tragically died, Rick was able to negotiate a purchase of selected assets from the Heart’s Desire Farm estate. Rick asked us to partner on this acquisition, and we were excited to participate.

We have now settled into our new configuration for this exciting purchase that we made. The animals have been allocated between our farms/ranches and we are now each managing our own circumstance as we did prior to this ambitious purchase. We are still partnering with Gentle Spirit for a group of the herdsires, and we personally have about 100 of the outstanding breeding females that we own and that reside with us here at the Ranch.

A number of these females have already produced some awesome 2011 cria for us and we are excitedly looking forward to the 2011-2012 show season to see just how nice these youngsters are. The genetics of this herd are rare and outstanding. Mike had owned a number of the best of the Peruvian imports including many where all you have to know is one name and you recognize them in pedigrees – Leon, Felix, El Moustachio, Guillermo, and Antonio. We have daughters of all these studs and also daughters of Bueno, Hemingway, Danko and other famous imports. You just do not find this genetics everywhere.

We are offering some outstanding deals on our animals – co-ownerships of herdsires, three-in-one packages of outstanding foundation females, young females, and some show quality girls we will not even be able to show because we have more than AOBA allows to be shown in a single age group of a color. We have several yearling girls that have fineness less than 15 microns and one (Batista) with an AFD of 12.2 microns. Thats right 12.2. She has been in only one fleece show (the prestigious Estes Park Wool Market) and her cria coat won Judges Choice Award for Best Hand. Look for her at one of the many shows we will be attending from now until Nationals in Louisville, in May, 2012.

We would love to have you come see and put your hands on these outstanding new Rocky Mountain animals. We know that a buy of one or more of these girls would improve both the genetics and phenotypes of your herds, if you are looking to improve on what you have. Give us a call at 303-495-3705 or email us at [email protected].