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Show Results 2015


Mountain Sky's State of Grace, Fleece 1stMountain Sky's Gimme My Banner, Halter 1st and Reserve Color ChampionMFI Peruvian Breaking Bad, Halter 4thSnowmass Matrix Belvedere, Fleece 1st and Best Crimp AwardOur Hidden Gem of Mountain Sky, Halter 4thSnowmass Majestic, Fleece 1stMountain Sky's Ice Master, Fleece 1stMountain Sky HDF John Michael, Fleece 4thMountain Sky's Cingular Man, Halter 4thRed Granite's Chick A Boo, Halter 5thSnowmass Love Continues, Fleece 3rdMountain Sky's Golden Secret, Halter 3rdDelphi's Whimzy, Halter 3rdMountain Sky's Secret Passion, Halter 3rd



Mountain Sky's State of Grace, Bred and Owned 1stOur Hidden Gem of Mountain Sky, Bred and Owned 1stMountain Sky's Secret Passion, Bred and Owned 2ndMountain Sky's Ivory, Bred and Owned 3rdMountain Sky's Gimme My Banner, 4thMountain Sky's Golden Secret, 5thRed Granite's Chick A Boo, 2ndMountain Sky's Predictably Fine, 6thDelphi's Whimzy, 5th


TxOLAN Fleece Show

Mountain Sky Pucara Jackie Joyner, 1stMountain Sky's Perfect Ice, 3rdMountain Sky's Peruvian Billie Jean, 4th


ABR Fall Festival

Mountain Sky's Secret Passion, 1stMountain Sky's Golden Secret, 5thLa Finca's Accoyo Temptation, 1stMountain Sky's Gimme My Banner, 5thMountain Sky's Cyngular Man, 5th



Delphi's Wimzy, 2nd


Great Western Alpaca Show

Mountain Sky's Franklin, 5thSnowmass Leader of Legends, 1st and Color Champion,Delphi's Whimzy, 5thMountain Sky's Golden Secret, 1stMountain Sky's Gimme My Banner, 3rd


National Western Stock Show

Our Hidden Gem of Mountain Sky, 2nd Fleece ShowMountain Sky's Sir Galahad, 1st Fleece ShowMountain Sky's State of Grace, 2nd Fleece ShowMountain Sky's Uptown Girl, 2nd Fleece ShowMountain Sky's Little Accoyo Mermaid, 5th Fleece ShowMountain Sky's Sir Lancelot, 5th HalterMountain Sky's Uptown Girl, 3rd HalterMountain Sky's Secret Passion, 4th HalterMountain Sky's Little Accoyo Mermaid, 6th HalterMFI Peruvian Breaking Bad, 3rd HalterOur Hidden Gem of Mountain Sky, 3rd Halter


Buckeye Fleece Show

Snowmass Majestic, 3rdMountain Sky HDF John Michael, 2ndMountain Sky's Sir Galahad, 3rdMountain Sky's Ivory, 4thMountain Sky's Ice Master, 5thHDF Accoyo Obi-Wan, 5th


MAPACA Fleece Show

Mountain Sky's Ice Master, 6thMountain Sky HDF John Michael, 4thMountain Sky's Sir Galahad, 4thHDF Accoyo Obi-Wan, 6thSnowmass Majestic, 3rd

PAOBA Fleece Show

HDF Accoyo Obi-Wan, 4thMountain Sky HDF John Michael, 4thMountain Sky's Ice Master, 6thMountain Sky's Ivory, 5thSnowmass Majestic, 4thMountain Sky's Sir Galahad, 4th


Tuesday, December 20, 2016