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Show Results 2011

Mid-America Alpaca Show, 2011

Snowmass Matrix Belvedere   1st and Color Champion
Pucara Stargazer by Star Quest   1st
HDF Florrie   1st
Snowmass Majesty's Wonder  3rd
HDF Alexion  3rd
HDF Peruvian Bindi  5th
HDF Peruvian Batista  6th
HDF Peruvian Largo    6th
HDF Sarabi   6th

Fall Fest, 2011

Snowmass Matrix Belvedere   1st and Reserve Color Champion
HDF Florrie  1st
Snowmass Matrix Perfection  2nd
Snowmass Majesty's Wonder  3rd
HDF Alexion   3rd
Smokey's Peruvian Caoba   3rd
HDF Peruvian Largo   3rd
HDF Peruvian Atlantis  5th
HDF Peruvian Batista   6th

Hi-Plains Alpaca Show, 2011

Mountain Sky HDF Levine 1st
HDF Alexion 1st
Mountain Sky HDF Laikyn 1st and Reserve Color Champion
Snowmass Majesty's Wonder 2nd
Mountain Sky Pucara Jackie Joyner 1st
Snowmass Matrix Belvedere 1st
Snowmass Matrix Perfection 3rd
HDF Peruvian Largo 1st
Mountain Sky Pucara Patrick Roy "Bruiser" 2nd
HDF Accoyo Atlantis 3rd
HDF Peruvian Batista 3rd
HDF Peruvian Bindi 6th
Snowmass Bright Stars 1st Produce of Dam

Great Western Alpaca Show, 2011

Snowmass Matrix Belvedere 1st and Color Champion
Snowmass Matrix Belvedere fleece 3rd
Snowmass Majesty Wonder 6th
Snowmass Matrix Perfection 3rd
Pucara Beachwood Honolua 3rd
Pucara Stargazer by Star Quest 3rd
Smokey’s Peruvian Sedona fleece 5th

CABA, 2011

Mountain Sky's Bubba, fleece 3rd
Snowmass Bright Stars, fleece 3rd
Java of Mountain Sky, fleece 4th

AOBA National Show, 2011

Snowmass Majesty's Wonder 2nd
Snowmass Matrix Belvedere 2nd
Smokey's Peruvian Caoba 5th
HDF J-Lo 4th
HDF Peruvian Batista 4th
HDF Peruvian Poppins 5th
Snowmass Matrix Belvedere, fleece 4th
Kamaaina Keikilani, fleece 2nd

Estes Park Wool Market, 2011

Java of Mountain Sky 5th
Kamaaina Keikilani 2nd
Smokey's Peruvian Sedona 1st
Mountain Sky's Bubba 1st
Smokey's Peruvian Caoba 3rd
HDF Peruvian Batista 2nd and Best Hand
HDF Peruvian Poppins 6th
Snowmass Bright Stars 4th
HDF Prince John 2nd

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